Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Fresh Start

Here we go again! I've had a few computer problems, technical stuff I can't sort out, so I've chucked the old blogger and have opened this new one..Here you'll find all my current content, descriptions of ongoing projects and the photo evidence.
I'm sure I won't astound you, gentle reader, with stunning insights into the human condition, but I do hope to share my experiences with endurance events / running / adventures from the perspective of a slow runner. This idea of being a slow runner is something I continue to struggle with. I've never been fast, exactly, and still remember the frustration I felt when I tried to catch my little brother after he slapped me in the face only to have him remain just out of the reach of my outstretched fingers!! I wanted to kill him as we ran crazily through the front yard at the rock and roll HQ back in the day. I'm glad, now, that I couldn't catch him.
But I am slow, and I have gotten even slower. I'm ok with it, per se, it's just that I'm a very competitive person and it's tough to manage during a race when just about everyone passes me.
I am trying to channel that competitive drive into myself, working against myself, against my preconceived notions of what is possible for me to accomplish, rather than to continuously compare myself with all the lean, strong and fast runners out there.
So, come along as we push a boundary or two, have an adventure or two, and quite possibly kill a toenail or two.
Let's Get It On!

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