Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How much further?

So i'm running at cheatham hill today, bopping along at a slightly faster pace than normal, stretching the legs after the Darkside 8 Hr run on Saturday..The sun is shining, there's actually a cool breeze blowing and the deer are out in talk back meadow..

Going down the first steep hill i pass a fellow walking, very business like, eyes forward, and as we're going the same direction and it's a bit steep right there, i continue past him without trying to say anything to him. He also remained silent..

Over the bridges, through a meadow as i listen to the children swimming in a neighborhood pool nearby i think about my day, things i did at work, people i saw and spoke with..My legs feel strong and i'm running sections i normally walk to catch my breath..i don't have to stop today..i'm running them today..

Back into the woods, up a short hill, down hill just a bit, cross another meadow and pick up the wider path to the turn around, hitting it about 30 seconds faster than normal- yeah, come on! I'm really feeling pretty good..i wonder why it's not so difficult to breathe today..i mean, it's still somewhere in the 90's, the sun is beating down, i'm running (for me) briskly, yet while i'm breathing heavy, i'm not yet gasping..

Down the hill, back to a meadow and i see the same fellow approaching that i passed earlier..We are now going to pass each other so the running rules dictate some sort of personal acknowledgement, so i look up and wave..

"how much further," he asks..

what? uh..until i finish? it's a trail, a big circle, right? ...i'm not sure what to think as i actually trip a little trying to slow down, turn around and answer as my momentum has already carried me past the walker.

"for what?" i respond, thinking why does he care how far i'm running today..

"for the farm."

oh yeah! there's a farm or something on this trail..."not much further," i tell him as i turn and continue my run. huh, i think, people come out here for something other than running..crazy..

i did manage an enjoyable run, though, all things considered.

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