Tuesday, July 19, 2011


...I managed to run after work yesterday, YES!, and it was nice. Managed to keep my HR at 140 avg (75% max) for the 4.1 miles and enjoyed the somewhat cooler weather. The temps will be creeping back up to middle to high 90's for the rest of the week so we all know how that's going to feel at 4 pm!
I have also realized that I am impatient and it's impacting my training. I have a renewed focus on patience and persistence in regards to my running right now. I need to hit my daily workouts (persistence) at a slow, lower HR (patience) as I build my base endurance and prepare for both my Chicky/Darkside double and the Bartram Woods 50k in November..I just want to run so far and so fast like those ultra-running monsters I read about!!!! We all walk our own path, carry our own water, right? Just got to remember that and be thankful I have the ability to move my body down the trail.
My PF tries to rear its ugly head as I increase my mileage. Gotta keep my eyes on that.

oh yeah, before I forget- I MUST LOSE WEIGHT!!!

Yeah, come on!

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