Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Week

I managed to accomplish my running goals this week, thanks in no small part to Kirsten, Chelsea and Reann, who ran with me during my long run Saturday and again for a shorter run yesterday. Both runs were at Sweetwater Creek State Park and involved the white and blue trails, jack's hill and the stairway to Heaven.
Friendships are amazing things and can enable us to achieve so much more than we could otherwise. I'm usually running alone because of my pace, and I've gotten no small amount of practice doing so, but there is always something to be said for company on the trail.
We all have to carry our own water, so to speak, but we should never use that as an excuse to live a solitary life. Some time away by ourselves for reflection, meditation, regeneration? Absolutely. But not to the continued exclusion of others. They do, and should, play an important role in our lives.
Here's to good friends, one and all..

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