Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kolb Farm is getting....

kind of crowded these days! School is back in session and all the cross country teams have apparently picked that spot for training. It was interesting yesterday afternoon as I ran behind and eavesdropped on a conversation between two high schoolers ahead of me, talking about teachers and girls..Wow, took me back about 28 years!! Then they probably got tired of being around a puffy middle aged man and sped up, leaving me in the dust..Oh well, maybe they'll be old one day too :-)
My run went well, actually, as I was able to shave off about 4-5 minutes from my average time and at my avg HR on these trails, so I was happy. My stomach was bothering me, sharp pains and what not, so I just imagined I was at the tail end of a 50 mile race (huge imagination seeing as how I've never been at the tail end of a 50 mile race!) and kept chugging along. Didn't see any deer today; I reckon they were kicking it under a tree somewhere. It's still hot!!
Looking forward to getting my training back on track, going to ignore these stomach issues for as long as possible, since I've got to ramp up my mileage if I want to have any chance at a club jacket this year.
See you soon!!

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